“Trash Pirates” After The Holidays

Christmas is over and it’s time to throw away all of the boxes that your new electronics came in.

Placing these boxes by your trash advertises to all of the thieves that you are now the proud owner of a big screen tv, gaming device, and iPad. While thieves might not break into your house rights after the holiday, they might be keeping a mental list of who got what and where. This way, they can rob you when you are back to work and the kids are back in school. 49th Street Bail Bonds wants your home to stay safe.

Here are a few tips for keeping thieves out of your home and keeping your new belongings safe:

•Take those boxes to the dump or a recycling station. Make sure to remove your address from the packaging.
•Break the boxes down so that you can’t see what item came in what box.
•Put the boxes on the bottom of your trash can so they aren’t as easily seen.
•Don’t advertise your new goodies on social media.

Our staff at 49th Street Bail Bonds hopes you take precautions to make sure all your new gifts stay inside your home and don’t grow legs!

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