Surveillance Systems

Home systems can help fight crime!

49th Street Bail Bonds wants you to know that home surveillance systems are helping to fight crime. With the onset of remote access and low costs, more and more people are turning to video surveillance in their home. Traditional security cameras are still being used but people are also using doorbells to monitor outside their front doors.

Cameras in doorbells…

The cameras in doorbells have caught crimes on tape. Recently, there was a story in the news of a woman in Texas who was ringing doorbells late one evening. Various doorbell cameras throughout the neighborhood caught her on tape ringing the bell. She was barefoot, wearing a t-shirt, and had something hanging from her wrist. The police were contacted and the woman was eventually located and is safe. Turns out that she was a victim of domestic violence and sexual assault. Other crimes caught on doorbells include catching “porch pirates” in the act of stealing packages, home burglaries, and prowlers. The camera’s have even caught fires in the neighborhood.

There are many benefits to investing in surveillance cameras.

Home safety and the ability to catch a criminal in the act of breaking into your home makes it worth the money when purchasing such a system. There are a variety to choose from at different price points. Contact different companies and ask the questions on the benefits of one system over another.

How 49th Street Bail Bonds can help you or a loved one…

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