Summer Travel Safety

Summer Travel Is In High Gear!

The interstates are buzzing with traffic as the summer heat kicks in! School is out for a few more weeks and vacationers are still at it! You’ve packed your bags, taken time off from work, reserved pet care, now how about the security of your home while you are gone? Home break ins happen in the summer time, it’s not just a holiday thing when your home is filled with holiday gifts.

Check out some of our easy tips to keep your home safe from theft while you are traveling:

•Lock the doors and windows. This includes doors leading from the garage to the outside and from the garage to the inside.
•If you have a security system, use it!
•Disable your automatic garage door opener.
•Stop mail and newspaper delivery and don’t order off of Amazon before you leave!
•Have a friend or neighbor check on your home.
•Get timers to turn on lights and tv’s.
•Remove any hidden keys.
•Make your home look lived in as much as possible.
•Keep your landscaping trimmed to avoid any potential hiding spots for a thief.
•Do not advertise your plans on social media. Wait and post all of those pictures when you are back at home.

Our bail bond agents at 49th Street Bail Bonds hope you can enjoy your vacation and come back to a secure and “untouched” home. With kids out of school, juveniles (and adults) can often resort to mischief including breaking into homes. Some may do it for the thrill while others are looking for drugs, guns, money and just about anything they can benefit from. Protect your home and property and take a few minutes before you leave town to ensure your home is secure to the best of your ability.

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