Summer Is Here, What Are Your Kids Up To?

Summer vacation has just started. Do you know what your kids are doing?

If they are like most children, they are glued to their tablet or smart device.

49th Street Bail Bonds wants to make you aware that online predators target children and young adults. Realistically, your child isn’t going to give up their device so 49th Street Bail Bonds offers these tips to help protect your child from online predators:

•Talk to your child about online predators. Make them aware that not everyone is who they say they are. Talk about what information needs to be kept private and what information can be shared. Let them know that they can come to you if they are uncomfortable with someone or something online. An open line of communication and arming your child with information goes a long way to keeping them safe.
•Talk about risky behavior. Make your child aware that they are creating a “digital footprint” that will follow them through life. Do not allow them to post pictures or have web cam chats with people they don’t know.
•Monitor what your children are doing. Know what games they are playing, what apps they are using, and if they are using any chat options (especially in games). Make it a rule that your child can only text or chat people that they know in real life.
•Talk about “online flirting”. Make them aware that it is not okay to talk about things such as what they are wearing or not wearing, sexually explicit things, or to talk “dirty”. Show them how to block users and messages and let them know that they can come to you without judgement.
•Let your child know that it is NEVER okay to meet someone in person that they met on the internet.
•Consider using surveillance or tracking software. There are many types to choose from. Bark is an affordable ($9 a month) and award-winning service that helps you monitor your child’s activity.
•Make sure you are a “friend” on all of your child’s social media accounts.
•Make sure that all of your child’s social media accounts are marked private.
•Have a central charging station, such as the kitchen, where all electronics need to go for the night.

It’s a rough world we live in and 49th Street Bail Bonds encourages you to keep tabs on your kids to keep them safe from online predators.

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