Secure Your Personal Info When Traveling

Are you taking a trip?

One last hurrah before summer ends or a welcome to fall trip?

49th Street Bail Bonds wants you to be safe while traveling, so you need to remember the basics such as staying alert and aware of your surroundings. This also includes things you might not have thought of such as protecting your personal information.

49th Street Bail Bonds offers these tips to help keep you and your information secure:

•Before leaving for your trip, make sure you make copies of your itinerary, travel documents, credit cards/debit cards, passport (if going abroad), driver’s license, and medical insurance cards. Give one copy to a friend or family member, keep one copy with you, and email or dropbox the other copy to yourself.
•Know your destination. If traveling abroad, are there any warnings you need to know about? What about safe and unsafe areas? Make yourself aware of potential scams that scam artists use to steal your money and belongings. Educate yourself.
•Watch your belongings. Keep an eye on your luggage. Never leave your luggage unattended.
•Don’t flash valuables around. Don’t dress in the most expensive clothes or wear the most expensive jewelry. Try and fit in with the locals at your destination.
•Travel with others.
•Don’t drink excessively and don’t accept, buy, or use drugs while traveling.
•Avoid using public Wi-Fi especially for any financial transactions.
•Password protect your phone and utilize the tracking app on your phone.
•Don’t post your vacation plans/pictures on social media. Post after you have returned home.
•Don’t carry all of your money/documents/credit cards/ID’s together. Only take the essentials when venturing out from your hotel. Leave the rest locked up in the hotel safe.
•Inform your bank that you are traveling so that your credit cards are useable.
•Be aware of your surroundings. Also, double check and glance back when leaving to make sure that you have your phone, wallet, keys, etc.
•Have travel insurance.
•Always trust your gut. If something feels off, then leave.

Our team of bail bondsmen at 49th Street Bail Bonds wants you to enjoy your travels and be safe.

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