Phone Scammers In Pinellas County

Phone scammers are at it again!

These thieves cheat people out of money through various tactics. 49th Street Bail Bonds wants you to be aware that these scammers have recently been targeting Pinellas County residents. The scammers call and tell the victim that there is a warrant out for their arrest since they missed jury duty.

The scammer states that he is calling from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department. This thief then states that to avoid being arrested the victim needs to go to the nearest store and buy pre-paid debit or gift cards and then relay that information to the caller. This scammer also states that the victim needs to stay on the phone the whole time while making these transactions or they will be arrested. Unfortunately, many residents have fallen for this scam. Don’t be another victim!

This is just one type of phone scam that these thieves use. Other examples of scams include:

•Offering to lower your credit card interest rates, offering payday loans, offering extended car warranties. Don’t fall for it. If you are interested in any of these services, then contact your bank or car dealership directly.

•Free or low-cost vacations that you have won by entering a contest at a mall.

•Calls stating that a family member needs help (bailed out of jail, injured while on vacation) and can you provide the funds. If you are worried, call the family member directly.

•Calls offering you a free home security system.

•IRS scams where the person claims to be with the IRS and states that you owe money and need to pay it immediately.

•Tech support scams. A common one is where they claim your computer has a virus and they can fix it remotely for you. If you allow them into your computer, they can steal everything on it.

49th Street Bail Bonds encourages you and your family and friends to take caution. Too many people innocently fall victim to these types of scames.

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