Parking Lot Safety

How Safe Are You In A Parking Lot?

School is almost over for another year. This means that many parents will have their children home with them full-time. During this time, parents will still need to run errands and go back and forth from the store to the bank to the playground and more. During this time, kids will have to get in and out of the car and navigate their way through a parking lot. 49th Street Bail Bonds wants to remind parents about safety when in a parking lot.

Here are a few tips for keeping your kids safe:

•Pay attention. Make sure your child remains with you at all times.
•Instead of just saying “stop”, make your direction specific such as stop your feet, stay still, freeze like a statue. Small children hear stop frequently and might ignore the urgency of it.
•Use a stroller to keep your children safe.
•Have older children hold the stroller handle or your hand while in the parking lot.
•Teach your children to touch the car when then exit the car so that they stay.
•Remind children that driver’s might not see them.
•Remind children that parked vehicles can move.
•Reward good behavior and give consequences for bad behavior. Use positive reinforcement to help your child learn that a parking lot is not a safe place and not a playground.
•As a parent, watch out for other people’s children. Make sure to check around your car before backing up and utilize all safety features that you can such as back-up cameras and mirrors.

Our bail bonds team hopes these tips will prevent your child from being hurt or killed in a parking lot.

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