Online Safety

Online Safety Over Summer Vacation

Summer is almost here! Kids across the state are over joyed with the prospect of free time during the summer while their parents may be cringing at the thought. Many children will be using the internet even more over the summer vacation. Between chat rooms, games, and social media, how do you keep your kids safe?

49th Street Bail Bonds offers these tips for keeping kids safe while online:

•Make your child aware that it is dangerous to give out personal information such as last name, address, and phone number
•Do not let your child include personal information in his/her screen name
•Explain to your child that it isn’t safe to share photo’s online
•Let your child know that it is extremely dangerous to meet on online friend alone. Tell them they can only meet someone with your permission.
•Don’t let your child buy anything online without your permission. Consider disabling “one-step” checkouts on your apps
•Tell your child that they are not to download anything to their device or your computer without your permission. Also, don’t let them open up attachments.
•If someone is bullying them, then let your child know that they can tell you. Also, let your child know that they do not need to reply to a bully.
•Let your child know that these rules apply to computers, Ipads, and phones including when they are texting

As parents, there are steps you can take to keep your kids safe when on the internet. Here are a few things to consider:

•Make sure the privacy settings are activated on all social websites
•Keep the lines of communication open between you and your child
•Have rules that your child must follow in order to be online
•Check the history file on your computer to see which sites your child has accessed
•Consider using an app/site to monitor your child’s online presence

There are various sites that can help a parent monitor their child’s online use. An example of one site is an app called bark and many of the cell phone service providers also offer parental controls to monitor your child’s device.

49th Street Bail Bonds urges you to educate your child about online safety.
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