Hurricane Relief – Panhandle Con Artists and Crooks

Beware of Scammers!

Hurricane Michael has come and gone. Unfortunately, this hurricane has devastated much of the Panhandle in the state of Florida. Many people want to help their neighbors up north. Monetary donations are typically the most helpful, however, there are unscrupulous people out there who will take advantage of people.

As the “Bondsmen on 49th Street” we want you to look out for scammers when donating your money:

•Before donating, check out the charity to make sure it is legitimate.
•If donating online, go directly to the charity’s website and not through a link sent in your email or text box.
•If donating online, double check the web address to make sure it is the correct one. There are many fake charities that use a name similar to a real charity in order to get your money.
•Use a credit card or check to donate money.
•Do not give money to people going door to door. You can always ask them for printed materials so that you can check out the charity before donating.
•Be leery of crowd funding. Only donate to people that you know if you are going through a crowd funding site. People have created bogus accounts to scam people.
•Don’t feel rushed or pressured into donating money. Take your time to do your homework before donating your money.
•If you are solicited for money over the phone, do not donate. Instead, ask for their website and that way you can donate there (after verifying that it is a legitimate website and not a con).

Our Clearwater, Florida bail bondsmen want you to be wary when donating to a charity. It is wonderful if you want to help your fellow Floridians, just be careful of where you make a monetary donation.

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