Holiday Shopping Safety

Holiday shopping is just days away!

Many retailers open on Thanksgiving Day along with the traditional “Black Friday” sales. Sometimes in the rush to get the perfect gift, people push, shove, and act aggressive. There are also thieves out there that know you have money and can target you. 49th Street Bail Bonds wants you to stay safe while shopping this holiday season.

Here are tips to stay safe:

•Plan ahead. Have a list and know where the items you want are located in the store.
•If you plan on using cash, get the money out of the bank or ATM prior to your shopping trip. Thieves target people at ATM’s since they know they are withdrawing money.
•Even better, pay with a debit or credit card. Try and travel with as little as possible. Consider just taking your debit/credit card, a small amount of cash, your driver’s license, phone, and keys. Place your items in your front pocket or a small purse/backpack that you wear across your body.
•Don’t fight over an item. It isn’t worth getting hurt for an item.
•Never leave your purse unattended in your shopping basket.
•Keep your cell phone with you and charged. Bring a back-up charger if you will be using your phone often.
•When driving, use caution. People are often either tired or distracted.
•Do not get into a fight over a parking space.
•Road rage is real. Take a deep breath and let it go. Better safe than injured or dead.
•Try and park in a well- lit area.
•Lock your car doors.
•Store your shopping bags in your trunk.
•Consider taking a cloth bag or tote with you to put all of your goodies into. That way, you aren’t advertising the store name from where you purchased your items.
•Travel with a buddy.
•Keep in touch with family over the day.
•Make sure to keep hydrated and take a break to eat.

Stay safe this holiday season with these tips:

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Have fun and stay safe this holiday!