What Happens When You Skip Bail?

Don’t Skip Bail

What happens when you skip bail? When you have been bailed out of jail and you skip your court date it is a serious matter. If you miss your court date the judge will give the Bail Bond Agency several days to get in contact with you and get everything straightened out. When you show up to yourskip bail next court date, you will probably face a penalty which usually is a fine.  In some cases if you skip your court date your bail bonds is usually forfeited, and a “bench warrant” will be issued for your arrest. A Bail Bond Fugitive Agent also known as a Bounty Hunter will be assigned to find you to insure you show up to your next court date. Usually when you get bailed out of jail you get bailed out by family or friends; but it is your responsibility to make your court date.

It is illegal to harbor a fugitive and you can get into really big trouble doing so. If you know where a fugitive is hiding or a place they have been you should let the bail bonds agency know immediately. If the agency shows up at your home asking questions, answer the questions honestly if you do not and they find out you could get in trouble for harboring a fugitive. If you live in the Clearwater, Florida area and need help bailing out someone you know call 49st Bail Bonds at 727-592-0000.