DNA And Crime Scenes

Have You Considered Testing Your DNA?

Many people have used popular DNA tests such as Ancestry DNA, Family Tree DNA, MyHeritage, 23andMe, and GED Match to trace their roots and find relatives.

There are some differences with each of these tests…

The difference with GED Match is that the program will allow a user to submit raw DNA data from a consumer genetic testing company and then compare the data. This data is now being used by police in order to track down cold cases. In fact, this was how the Golden State Killer was identified. Since then, cases have been solved across the country.

49th Street Bail Bonds wants you to know that this is a new tool that police departments are using to help identify suspects. Recently, a cold case was solved in Orlando using this technology. The murder of Christine Franke, which occurred 17 years ago, now has a suspect in custody because of this technology. The Orlando Police Department submitted DNA found at the scene to the GED Match service.

Results yielded the names of three people who are second and third cousins to the suspect. The police department then traced a family tree and with information from the suspect’s family were able to locate the suspect. The police department gathered DNA from the suspect through discarded cigars and a beer can. An arrest has been made and the suspect is currently being held. The Orlando police department state that they plan to use this technology to help solve more crimes and are considering starting a genetic genealogy team to help solve more cases.

Criminals should be aware that law enforcement is relying more and more on technology to solve crimes so more and more criminals are being caught. DNA matching has improved over the years and as technology advances so will crime solving.

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