Dealing With Stolen Property

Thinking Of Putting Stolen Property In Your Loved One’s Easter Basket?

Not so fast…! If you are taking or possessing stolen property or dealing with stolen property (also called trafficking) the penalties are heavy!

Dealing in stolen property is a 2nd degree felony with a maximum of 15 years in the Department of Corrections. According to the Florida Bar the Dealing In Stolen Property (DSP) statute was adopted to combat organized crime rings. If you are stealing something and selling it or pawning it you could be arrested for dealing in stolen property.

The penalties for possession of stolen property vary but can include monetary fines and jail time. The value of the stolen property may be taken into account when considering penalties. If one has a criminal record and is a repeat offender is also taken into consideration. In many jurisdictions the person must know they are actually possessing stolen goods in order to be charged. If the person is unaware the items were stolen this would be taken into consideration by the law.

Depending on the jurisdiction the fines and jail time may vary. In some areas the crime could be considered a felony offense. If convicted of felony possession of stolen property a person may be sent to a local jail or serve prison time. Felony charges are typically more severe then a misdemeanor stolen property charges.

This is a brief review of the charges one may be faced with if they are dealing in stolen property or have possession of stolen property. If you feel like that bicycle parked on the sidewalk you just drove by may make a great Easter surprise, you may want to consider the $1.75 chocolate bunny from Wal-Mart instead. Heck spend $5.00 and get the 1 foot chocolate rabbit! It will save you jail time and money in the long run!

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