Courtroom Etiquette

Respect in the Courtroom is Essential

Observe Proper Protocols

courtroom etiquettePrior to entering the courtroom, it is essential that you are aware of courtroom etiquette that is necessary in order to make a beneficial impression and have a positive impact on your case.
Respect the Judge and the Courtroom:  The judge is the supreme authority in the court and is the most important focal point. When the judge enters the courtroom stand up and continue standing as the judge approaches the bench. Your stance should be tall and straight and not slouched or arms crossed.
Time of Arrival:  Arrive on time and be ready and prepared for the hearing prior to the judge entering the court.
Professional Appearance:  Your appearance should be appropriate business attire and you need to know what not to wear. No shorts, jeans, t-shirts or other casual apparel should be worn including open toed shoes and hair styles should be conservative.
Behavior in the Courtroom:  “Be on your best behavior” while in the courtroom. Close down electronic devices and cell phones. When addressing the judge, counsel and staff, be polite. Address the judge as “Your Honor” and be sure to verbalize clearly when spoken to. Speak only when you are asked and do not interrupt while others are talking as this is prohibited in the courtroom.
Keep in mind that observing courtroom manners etiquette and respecting the judge, staff and lawyers in the courtroom could determine the outcome of your case.
If you are in a legal proceeding, it can be very threatening and intimidating. Knowing what to expect in the courtroom and displaying proper protocols will be of great benefit to you and your case.
Our staff at 49th Street Bail Bonds has provided this information to you so that if you or a loved one is involved in litigation in a courtroom procedure, you have the best opportunity for justice to be carried out fairly by knowing the protocols and significance of what is taking place.