Will Hurricane Irma Bring Looters?

Hurricane Irma is headed to Florida, are you prepared?

What happens if you are told to evacuate or end up evacuating? Will your valuables still be in your home after the storm or will they be stolen by looters?

49th Street Bail Bonds wants you to know that looting is a crime.

Looting is essentially stealing goods during or following a catastrophe such as a natural disaster. According to Florida Statute 806.13, “looting is a form of criminal mischief. The punishment for a crime classified as criminal mischief depends on the extent of the damage committed. If the total amount of damage is less than $200, the offender can be charged with a second-degree misdemeanor. If the total amount is between $200 and $1,000 than the offender can be charged with a first-degree misdemeanor. If the damage exceeds $1,000 then the charge changes from a misdemeanor to a felony. The offender can now be charged with a third-degree felony charge.”

Charges for these crimes include:

•For a second-degree misdemeanor, the offender can face up to 60 days in jail and a fine up to $500.00
•For a first-degree misdemeanor, the offender can face up to one year in jail and a fine up to $1,000.00
•For a third-degree felony, the offender can face up to 5 years in jail and a fine up to $5,000.00

How can you protect yourself from looters?

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do. The best defense is to be prepared before a disaster. Have bars or storm shutters on windows, have reinforced doors, and keep curtains closed so as not to advertise any high-ticket items. Photograph and/or videotape the contents of your home before the storm. This can then be used to help document an insurance claim.

What charges can we bail you from jail for?

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