Spring Break Safety

Spring Break Safety

Soon college students will embark on their annual spring break trip. While heading out to the beach, taking a road trip across the country, or even going abroad for a vacation are great options for spring break, our entire staff encourage you to make smart choices so you stay out of jail.

49th Street Bail Bonds offers tips on staying safe and avoiding jail time:
•Get to your destination safely. If driving there, don’t pull an all-nighter. Take turns driving and if you are tired then pull off the road, switch drivers, or find a hotel for the night.
•Once you arrive at your destination, don’t stay in a first-floor room. Those rooms are often targeted by thieves. Be discreet with your room number. Only share that information with those you trust.
•Check to make sure that all of the locks work properly on the doors and windows of your hotel room.
•If you are staying out of the country, make sure you have an up-to date passport and any other travel documents that you may need.
•If traveling out of the country, make sure you have a paper map and the name and location of your hotel so that you can get back there.
•Make a copy of all documents and leave a set with a family member. Also, let a family member or friend know your itinerary.
•Store your valuables in the safe in your hotel room. Do not take all of your cash/credit cards with you when you leave the room.
•Never go anywhere alone. Always have a buddy. Have everyone’s phone number stored in your phone and establish a central meeting spot in case you get separated.
•Don’t go anywhere with people you don’t know. Do not go into homes of people you don’t know.
•Know the laws. What is the drinking age? If you are underage and caught drinking, there will be ramifications.
•Don’t accept drinks from anyone besides a bartender. Don’t leave your drink unattended.
•Don’t drink excessively. Being drunk and out of control impairs your judgement. You can be taken advantage of this way.
•Don’t do drugs especially if you are out of the country. Mexico and Jamaica have very tough drug laws and do not show leniency
•Don’t have unprotected sex
•Make sure that any partner knows your personal boundaries. Do not be pressured to do anything that you do not want to.
•If something feels off or you aren’t comfortable then leave. If you need help, get it.
•Be aware of your social media posts. People can track where you are and target you.
•Also, be careful what you post on social media. Employers have gone to student’s social media sites before making a hiring decision. Don’t let one week of your life interfere with your future career goals.

Spring break can be an awesome experience for all, however, things can happen. A fun day in the sun and night of partying can turn into jail time. Past spring breakers have been arrested for DUI, theft, assault, public intoxication, drug possession, alcohol use or possession by a minor, disturbing the peace, indecent exposure, sexual battery, and rape. If you or a friend are arrested over spring break, we invite you to call 49th Street Bail Bonds at 727-592-0000 to start the bail bond process. A bail bond agent is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

The bail bondsmen at 49th Street Bail Bonds are experienced and knowledgeable. They know that being arrested can be a scary experience. They are there to help you. They will guide you through the ins and outs of the bail bond process and assist with paperwork, answer your questions, and lend an empathetic ear.

49th Street Bail Bonds serves all of Pinellas County including Clearwater, Largo, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Madeira Beach, Indian Rocks Beach, Bay Pines, and Seminole. We are here to help so please give us a call at 727-592-0000 to start the bail bond process.