Red Zone

Many students are starting college and living away from home for the first time. The first six weeks of college, from the first day up until Thanksgiving break, are considered the “red zone”. What is the red zone? It is a time where college students are the most vulnerable for sexual assault.

Incoming freshman are the most at risk since they frequently are inexperienced with taking care of themselves and in recognizing dangerous situations. Many of the sexual assaults are from “acquaintance rape”. Every college student needs to recognize that their new acquaintance might not have their best intentions at heart. 49th Street Bail Bonds offers tips on how to protect yourself from a sexual assault:

•Trust your “gut” instincts. If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, then leave the situation
•Know your own sexual limits and communicate them clearly
•Be aware that drinking, partying, and drugs often lower inhibitions and may make a bad situation worse
•If you feel threatened then ask for help, make a scene, do whatever you can to get out of that situation
•When attending parties or events, go with a group of friends and look out for each other
•Go to and leave parties with the same group you started with. Do not leave anyone behind and don’t go off on your own
•Resist peer pressure to participate in activities that you aren’t comfortable with
•If you think someone is in trouble, call 911 and stay near to report what is happening until law enforcement officials arrive

Most college campuses require incoming freshman and transfer students to attend or complete an online course on sexual assault awareness. These classes will help educate students and hopefully deter some sexual assaults from happening.

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