Considering Protesting???

Be Careful…..

With the onset of a new administration in Washington, D.C., come new laws and new ways of doing things. Because of this, there has been an increase in protests across the nation. 49th Street Bail Bonds wants you to be safe and on the right side of the law if you plan on protesting.

Here are a few tips if you plan on attending a protest:
•If you are attending a protest or march, please make sure that the proper permits have been obtained. Without a permit, you can be arrested.
•Don’t go alone. Go with a few friends and stick together.
•Wear comfortable clothing.
•Only bring the essentials that you will need such as your identification, phone, cash, a bank card, food, water, and needed medications.
•Place everything you need in a small compact bag.
•Protest in an organized and peaceful fashion. Follow the rules and the law.

Police can stop you during a protest. If you are stopped by the police, you are advised to remain calm, be polite, and don’t run. Keep your hands visible and do not make any sudden movements. You should ask the officer if you are free to go. If the officer replies yes, then walk away. If you are not free to go you may be questioned by the police. You may give them your name and then tell the officer that you wish to exercise your right to remain silent. If you are given an order by the officer such as to keep your hands in the air, then comply peacefully with the order.

Be aware that a peaceful protest can turn violent. You might be caught up in that violence and end up arrested. If you are arrested, then follow these tips:
•Remain calm
•Comply with the officer’s instructions
•Stay silent
•Request an attorney
•Do not admit guilt
•Be prepared to spend time in a cell. It may be boring but don’t get into conversations with others around you since that information could be used against you

49th Street Bail Bonds wants you to be safe while at a protest. If you or a loved one does end up getting arrested at a protest, we invite you to call our bail bond agency at 727-592-0000. We have bailed clients out of jail for numerous charges including: trespassing, DUI, domestic violence, drug trafficking, assault, and battery. We have a bail bond agent available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Our experienced and knowledgeable bail bond agents are here to help. They will help you navigate the ins and outs of the bail bond process, answer questions regarding the criminal justice system, and lend an empathetic ear. We have helped clients across all of Pinellas Count including those residing in Clearwater, Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, St. Pete Beach, largo, Seminole, Madeira Beach, Indian Rocks Beach, and Bay Pines. We can help you too. Please give us a call at 727-592-0000 to start the bail bond process. We are the bondsman on 49th Street!


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