Pet Medication & Addiction

Did you know that some opioid addicts are using pet medication to get their fix?

49th Street Bail Bonds wants to make you aware that addicts are finding new and novel ways to get the drugs they crave!

Unfortunately, to get the drugs they want, some pet owners are intentionally injuring their pet. The addicts then bring their pet to the vet and ask for a painkiller for their animal. Heather Pereira of Kentucky, was convicted on three counts of torture of a cat or a dog as well as five counts of obtaining a controlled substance by making false statements. She was sentenced to four years in prison and served two. Ms. Pereira was intentionally cutting her dog with a razor and then “vet shopping” to obtain Tramadol. She also called the vet’s office and requested a refill on the prescription because she said her child had flushed the pills down the toilet. Ms. Pereira was also going from vet to vet, “vet shopping” to obtain more pills.

Quite a few drugs that are used for animals can be used for humans also.

Pet owners are requesting a drug called Tramadol. This is an oral medication that is used as a pain killer. The drug has opiate-like effects. Medication such as Xanax and Valium are also being abused by pet owners.

Veterinarians are being trained to look for red flags concerning this issue. Vets are told to be cautious when seeing new clients. The vets are being warned to look at the pet’s injuries along with the story that the pet owner is telling. Potential red flags include pet owners that ask for drugs by the brand name and pet owners that refuse to let the vet get a copy of the pet’s records from the previous veterinarian. Pet owners that ask for re-fills of meds early and those that claim to have spilled or lost some of their pet’s meds should also be a red flag for vets.

This new way of obtaining prescription drugs is happening. You can be charged if caught abusing pet medications and also be charged if abusing your pet for the benefit of satisfying your own drug addiction.

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