Jail Time and 4th of July

Avoid Jail Time This 4th of July!

49th Street Bail Bonds wants you to stay safe and out of jail this Independence Day. Many people attend parties that involve barbecue’s, water activities such as swimming and boating, and of course fireworks! Quite a few 4th of July parties also involve alcohol. The combination of sun, alcohol, and celebrating can lead to accidents, injuries, and even death. 49th Street Bail Bonds wants you to know that the holiday can be fun but it can also lead to unexpected jail time if things get out of hand.

Here are a few tips to help have a fun and safe holiday:

•Limit alcohol consumption. Know your own personal limits.
•Eat food.
•Pace yourself. Drink non-alcoholic drinks also.
•Re-hydrate with water. This is especially important when out in the sun all day. Heat and alcohol are not a good combination and can lead to over -heating and heat stroke.
•Do not drink and drive. Have a designated driver, call a taxi or ride share service, or plan on staying overnight at the party location.

When out by water, be it a pool, lake, or ocean, safety should always be a top priority. Tips to help stay safe include:

•Always swim with a buddy. Never swim alone.
•Always supervise children. If a child can’t swim, then use Coast Guard approved lifejackets.
•Watch the weather. If a storm is coming then leave the area and find shelter.
•If you are out on a boat, wear a life jacket.
•When boating, pay attention to your surroundings, use caution, courtesy, and common sense.
•Swim sober, Boat sober!

End your 4th of July with a bang!

Attend a fireworks celebration instead of setting off your own fireworks. In Florida, the only legal fireworks include sparklers, fountains, snakes, and glow worms. Anything that explodes or flies off of the ground is illegal in Florida. You can purchase these types of fireworks at various vendors and stores but they are not legal to set-off. There is a loophole in the law that allows merchants to sell you the fireworks if you sign a waiver stating that you are using the fireworks for your farm or fish hatchery in order to scare off animals. This waiver covers the store but does not exempt you from the law. You can be charged with a misdemeanor of the first degree and face up to $1,000 in fines, court costs, and end up serving up to a year in jail.

BUI – Boating Under the Influence – could be very costly!

Driving or boating under the influence could lead to you or another person being injured or killed in an accident. Drunk driving is a contributing factor to accidents over the 4th of July. If you are charged with DUI or BUI you could face fines, community service, loss of license, or jail time. The penalty will depend on if it is your first conviction and if there were any injuries or deaths involved in your accident.

According to the National Highway Traffic Administration

Around 40% of all motor vehicle traffic fatalities during the past years have occurred during Independence Day weekend.

Some tips for road safety over the 4th of July

•Have a designated driver.
•Avoid driving late at night if possible.
•Drive in the right lane. Being in the right lane allows you to maneuver out of the way of wrong-way drivers and drunk drivers who have a tendency to drift into other lanes while driving.
•Stay calm and expect heavy traffic.

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