Home Burglaries

Did you know that home burglaries spike in July and August?

49th Street Bail Bonds wants has tips to keep your home safe from burglars.

Here are a few tips:
•Make sure all doors and windows are locked. Oftentimes, in the rush to leave, someone forgets to lock a door or window. This includes doors that lead from the garage to the outside.
•Put timers on lights.
•Lock the garage door and disconnect the automatic opener.
•Keep landscaping trimmed. Don’t provide cover for thieves. Also, make sure you remove all ladders. You don’t want to provide an easy way for thieves to enter your second floor.
•Stop the paper and the mail. Have a trusted neighbor come and remove fliers from your front door.
•Have motion lights on your front and back door.
•Don’t advertise on social media that you are on vacation.
•If you have a security system, then arm it.

Dissuade a burglar from choosing your home to rob

Be aware that most thieves are in and out of a home in under ten minutes. If a burglar does break into your home don’t make it easy for him to steal your items. Most thieves head to the master bedroom first and look for cash, jewelry, weapons, and electronics. Consider hiding your valuables in another room such as a child’s room or securing them in a safe. You can also leave out a less valuable item such as an old laptop so that a thief will choose to steal that while your more recent acquisitions are safely hidden.

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