Background Checks

Is it necessary to perform a background check when hiring?

49th Street Bail Bonds wants to educate you on background checks used during the hiring process. Background checks are used by businesses to make sure that the candidate is qualified. Background screenings are also used in order to protect the business, its employees, and its clients. Most background checks include a check of education, employment history, and criminal records. Checks can also be conducted on a candidate’s credit history, civil records, social media, and driving/license. Background checks will vary depending on what type of job is being applied for and if an outside company is conducting the check or if the check is being done in-house. Before conducting a background check, an employer must request and receive written permission from you.

You may ask why a company needs to do a background check

There are various reasons why it is in the best interest of a company to conduct a background check before hiring an employee.

Here are a few examples:
•Federal and state laws. Some jobs require a background check be conducted before hiring an employee. An example of this would be running a criminal check on a person before hiring them to work with children, the elderly, or the disabled.
•Lawsuits. Companies can be sued if it turns out that the company was negligent by not investigating the employee’s past. For example, not running a driver/license background check for a person who drives a school bus. The school bus is then in an accident due to the driver’s fault. Turns out the driver has numerous DUI’s and reckless driving charges against them.
•Safety. Companies need to protect both their employees and their clients. A person who has a past history of violence might not be the best candidate for a company that interacts with the public on a daily basis.
•Terrorism. Due to an increase in terrorism, companies are cracking down on verifying a person’s identity and making sure that they are not on any watch lists
•Fake credentials. People lie. These lies can be embarrassing to a company. For example, if it turns out that their employee didn’t really graduate from college and has no education or experience in the field they were hired for then it hurts the company’s credibility.

Background checks are regulated and have national standards as set by the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act(FCRA).

These standards state that employers can’t look at the following information when performing background checks:
•Bankruptcies after 10 years
•Civil suits, civil judgements, and arrest records, after seven years from date of entry
•Paid tax liens after seven years
•Accounts placed for collection after seven years
•Any other negative information, except criminal convictions, after seven years

As always, there are exceptions to these rules. These rules only apply to background checks that are conducted by an outside agency. The rules also don’t apply for jobs that have an annual salary of $75,000 or more.

Being convicted of a crime can prohibit you from obtaining some types of jobs. For example, a DUI on your record could keep you from being hired as a truck driver, school bus driver, or taxi driver. A DUI or controlled substance charge could also hurt you from getting into a medical field position such as nursing. A conviction of theft or embezzlement might prevent you from getting a job that is in the financial field such as an auditor or bank teller.

Background checks play an important part of the hiring process. Knowing what background checks entail can help you determine what type of job to apply for.

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